Shawn Naylor

President Past, Communications Committee

Shawn Naylor is a hydrogeologist who specializes in quantifying the movement of water and heat through glaciated terrains in Indiana using instrument arrays that collect long-term, high-frequency hydrologic and thermal data. These data are analyzed to improve our understanding of the critical zone’s physical response to evolving climatic and land-use regimes. Shawn’s publications include such topics as shallow groundwater recharge in Indiana’s glacial settings, interactions between glacial sediment heat transfer properties and ground heat exchanger efficiencies, and mapping of buried bedrock topography and overlying unconsolidated sediment thickness in Indiana.

Shawn has been involved with the InWMC since its formation and has contributed his time, expertise and leadership throughout its formative stages, serving as Executive Secretary and President. Shawn’s early experiences in water resource management began while growing up on a farm in eastern Indiana using conservation tillage practices and he continues to support the wise stewardship of Indiana’s surface water and groundwater resources.