Colin O’Sullivan

Executive Secretary

Colin O’Sullivan grew up in Sioux City, Iowa and earned his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at the University of Iowa. Colin got his first taste of environmental work as part of Dr. Keri Hornbuckle’s Research Group. During this time, he worked to identify and quantify polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in passive air samples from the greater Chicago area and in sediment samples from the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal, in East Chicago, IN. Eventually, this research was developed into a new study of PCB’s in the sediments of The Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. After graduating, Colin entered the Environmental Engineering Master’s program, and continued his work on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal project, which became his Master’s thesis.

When he finished graduate school, Colin went to work in industry but missed doing environmental work. He moved to Indiana in 2018 when he was hired by the City of Indianapolis and Marion County Stormwater Engineering Department to work on the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit compliance. And, he’s never looked back. He’s now doing the environmental work that he loves and is learning more every day about the waterways of Indiana and in his new hometown of Indy.