Robert Waltz

Robert Waltz is the recently retired Indiana State Chemist and Seed Commissioner for Indiana, serving in this role from 2006-2020 at Purdue University. Prior to that, he served as the Indiana State Entomologist from 1988-2006 with a one-year dual carry-over appointment with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in 2007.

Robert’s interest in Indiana waters goes back a long way and includes research on the caddisflies of Indiana and aquatic collembola. His doctoral work focused on world small-minnow mayflies, including descriptions of new taxa. He has served as program director for the National Science Foundation-Funded Project Porifera — an aquatic education program in freshwater and estuary science for junior high instructors in the 1500-square mile Thames River Basin of Connecticut.

Robert’s publications include more than 80 refereed papers, many chapters in books and textbooks, and articles in popular publications. For several years prior to entering graduate school, Robert worked with an environmental education center and nature center in east central Indiana where he taught natural history classes in the Whitewater River Watershed ranging from Wayne and Randolph Counties in Indiana south to Cincinnati.

Robert and his wife currently live in West Lafayette and enjoy hiking, biking, the arts, and literature.