Indiana Water Monitoring Inventory

The Indiana Water monitoring Inventory is an online mapping tool for locating water monitoring information for sites located throughout the state. Users can zoom into a location on the map to see whether monitoring has been conducted in their area or waterbody of interest and can click on any site they find to get more details on:

  • The kind of samples that were collected, when and how often
  • The parameters analyzed and whether the data set includes data quality information
  • Who conducted the monitoring and whether the information is publicly available

Users can also search for this information using a number of different criteria including agency, city or zip code, specific parameter(s) and, other criteria and can download the results for the sites they find.

The Indiana Water Monitoring Inventory was one of the InWMC’s first initiatives and was developed in collaboration with Purdue University with funding from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. This tool is now maintained by the InWMC’s Coordination and Collaboration Committee, which works with the council’s communications committee to solicit new information on ongoing monitoring efforts in Indiana and new monitoring underway.

If you have monitoring data you would like to have included in the Indiana Water Monitoring Inventory, please contact Ben Hancock, for more information.