Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO)
ORSANCO is an interstate water pollution control agency located in Cincinnati, OH. ORSANCO monitors and assesses the Ohio River and selected interstate tributaries in the Ohio River basin. ORSANCO has seven fixed sampling sites within or on the border of Indiana (Appendices 1 and X). Several ORSANCO programs determine which parameters are sampled at each of those seven sites. Since 2001, the clean metals program samples at five of those sites bimonthly for 17 metals and 14 nutrients and major ions. Since 1976 at six sites, 14 nutrients and major ions are sampled bimonthly. Since 2000, algae and nutrients are collected bimonthly at two sites. Since 1978 at two sites, the ODS (Organic Detection System) analyzes for 20-30 volatile organics, daily. ORSANCO has five continuous monitors in Indiana sampling at least every 30 minutes for DO, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, pH, and chlorophyll since 2009. Additionally, there are four sites where E. coli and fecal coliform are collected weekly, April – Oct. since 1992. Five sites are co-located or are close enough to USGS streamgages to determine loads.