Publish your work in our Member Research Library

One of the most important functions of the Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC) — and one of the key benefits of membership — is its ability to facilitate the sharing of water monitoring research and other important information. We work to connect the dots. If you have water-related research that you would like to share with your colleagues and others who care about water resources, we invite you to share it here, in our Member Research Library. The criteria for submitting your work are simple:

  1. You must be a member in good standing.
  2. The research or other information must be of general or specific interest to fellow InWMC members.

While publishing in the InWMC Member Research Library is a members-only benefit, the library is open to the public so that anyone can easily access the information you share on this platform. Here are just a few examples of what we accept:

  • Student research
  • Professional research
  • Water quality/quantity studies at any scale
  • Comparative studies (methods, equipment, etc.)
  • New monitoring methods or approaches to monitoring
  • Groundwater research
  • Water or water-related policy research
  • Social science research related to water issues

We will also accept research that has been published elsewhere (e.g. scientific journals, proceedings, etc.) provided all existing copyrights allow.

Please note that all submissions are reviewed prior to posting. We will not publish purely promotional materials for monitoring equipment, supplies, or services but will accept content that contains sufficient educational information to be of benefit to our members. If you represent a company and are interested in promoting your products or services to our membership, we encourage you to explore the benefits of becoming an InWMC corporate sponsor.

To submit your research for publication in the InWMC Member Research Library, fill out the form below. If your research has not yet been published and/or it is not available online, please use this link to send it in an electronic file to the Communications Committee.

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