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The Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC) believes that water monitoring is critical to ensuring sustainable water resources and is leading the way in improving the ability¬†to address the full scope of Indiana’s water resource issues. We are working to support water’s economic, health and recreational benefits¬†now and in the future.

The InWMC does not receive any direct public financial support and depends on its members and donors to support the work we do.

No matter how large or small, every gift makes a difference!

Your generosity will help to:

  • Create resources, such as white papers, databases, and other types of information products that benefit our members and others who care about Indiana’s water resources.
  • Provide opportunities to learn and explore the complex water needs and potential impacts of different sectors of our economy on Indiana’s water resources.
  • Provide networking opportunities in which water resources professionals from different organizations can share water monitoring and other information on Indiana waters.
  • Highlight and amplify the efforts of other organizations working to protect and restore and improve our understanding of Indiana water resources through our communications channels.
  • Support the next generation of water resources professionals by providing opportunities for students to network with and learn from those working in the field today.

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