the Indiana Water Monitoring Council

Together, we are leading the way in improving the ability to address the full scope of Indiana's water resource issues now and in the future.

Expand your professional network

You’re in great company when you join the Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC). We are a network of water professionals and volunteers dedicated to the communication, coordination, and sharing of monitoring information to support the stewardship of Indiana waters. Our membership is a diverse group of individuals from across a broad range of water-related interests, including people who work or volunteer for:

Dues are just $25 a year

You know how important our water resources are. Water monitoring is necessary to provide the information we need to ensure their sustainability and to support the economic, health and recreational benefits of Indiana’s water resources.  

Your membership helps to support the stewardship of our water resources through better communication, coordination and sharing of monitoring information.

By joining the InWMC you will be supporting the work that we do while also enjoying the benefits of membership in a diverse and dynamic group of people who care about Indiana’s water resources.  

The benefits of membership

The Indiana Water Monitoring Council needs you

The strength of the InWMC is built on the diversity of our members. Our membership includes experts in many areas of water resources and others who are passionate about protecting and restoring Indiana's water resources. And, we are all strongly committed to water monitoring in Indiana to support common goals.

Your membership makes a difference in so many ways...