Protect Your Groundwater Day

September 4th was Protect Your Groundwater Day. Which spurs the thought, as a professional working with water monitoring what do you do to communicate the importance of water to business/industry, policy makers, and/or public? We talk about the importance of water quantity and quality among colleges and those in the industry but are we reaching out to the people who are making decisions that impact water quality and quantity. We have valuable knowledge and information regarding Indiana’s water resources and have the ability to have a positive impact on the future of water quality in Indiana if we apply what we know. [Read more…]

2017 Biological Assessments of Brookville and Cecil M. Harden Reservoirs

The InWMC is proud to highlight the work that the Louisville District US Army Corps of Engineers Water Quality Team has done in performing 2017 Biological Assessments of Brookville and Cecil M. Harden Reservoirs. The Water Quality Team’s objectives for these assessments were to measure water quality condition of inflows and outflows of target reservoirs, assess for compliance with state criteria in tail waters, and use results to inform water management decisions. Zachary L. Wolf, US Army Corps of Engineers Biologist, summarized the Biological Assessments of Brookville and Cecil M. Harden Reservoirs by saying, [Read more…]

World Water Day: Protecting Indiana Water with Nature-Based Solutions

Photo Credit: UN World Water Day

Yesterday was annual World Water Day, and the Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC) would like to highlight some of the great things the council has been doing to promote the protection of Indiana’s water that are in line with this year’s theme of using nature-based solutions to solve our water challenges.

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InWMC 2017 Water Report

The Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC) published the Indiana Water Report 2017 Summary: Projects Across the State. The report is a summary of current water monitoring and research projects that are going on in Indiana. Randy Bayless, a member of the InWMC Ground Water Focus Committee, provided insight into the creation of the summary and how the council hopes it will enhance water monitoring and protection across the state.

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InWMC’s 2017 Symposium

The topic of this year’s annual Indiana Water Monitoring Council Symposium was “Modified Flows and Their Impact on Stream and Lake Ecosystems.” It was hosted on November 28th at the Indiana Government Center and featured over 100 students and professionals from universities, government agencies, and the private sector in attendance. Organizations represented included IDEM, IDNR, USGS, TNC, Purdue, Ball State University, and several others. [Read more…]

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