Voluntary Groundwater Monitoring Network

Citizens throughout Indiana rely on its groundwater resources for public, commercial and industrial uses. The Voluntary Monitoring Program (VMP) is a collaborative effort between the Division of Water of the Indiana Department of Natural Resource (DOW-IDNR), the U.S. Geological Survey Indiana Kentucky Water Science Center (USGS-INKY) and a wide range of volunteers, including local utilities, homeowners, municipalities, and agricultural entities. These organizations and individuals work together to collect groundwater data at sites throughout the state for both short- and long-term applications.

The VMP is authorized and funded by state legislation, which directs the DOW-IDNR to contract with the USGS-INKY.  The staff of the Resource Assessment Section of the DOW-IDNR and the USGS-INKY are tasked with developing, expanding and maintaining a network of groundwater monitoring wells across Indiana.

The data collected through this collaboration is available through the USGS Groundwater Watch data portal and is permanently archived in the USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) database.

Click here to view a map of the sites being monitored and the data collected.