Groundwater Focus Committee

The largest of the InWMC committees, the Groundwater Focus Committee enjoys the participation of more than 30 members from 17 private and non-profit organizations, Local, State and Federal agencies. The Groundwater Focus committee actively works to more efficiently and effectively address Indiana’s groundwater issues through better coordination and collaboration.

In 2013, the Groundwater Focus Committee developed the InWMC’s formal position statement regarding The State and Future of Groundwater Availability in Indiana.  The committee meets monthly to communicate about current issues, expand their understanding of groundwater resources and issues from invited presentations, and to give progress reports on the committee’s initiatives. The Groundwater Focus Committees ongoing initiatives, as well as its accomplishments include:

The Groundwater Focus Committee always welcomes new faces at its monthly meetings and makes web broadcasts available for members who cannot attend in person.

If you want to stay current on Indiana’s groundwater issues and actively work to more efficiently and effectively address them, the Groundwater Focus Committee is where you want to be. This diverse group of professionals always welcomes new members — contact Committee Chair, Ginger Davis, here to learn more about how you can get involved.