Lake and Reservoir Metadata Project

In January 2017 the Data Optimization Committee began developing the Reservoir Metadata Project. The primary goal of the project is to help the water resources community and members of the public find water quality data for lake and reservoirs in Indiana. However, as our inventory of metadata on monitoring projects grows, it will also become easier to see the fuller picture of water monitoring efforts underway in Indiana.

The Army Corps of Engineers is taking the lead in this work, which will result in a spreadsheet that will include metadata for all of the lakes and reservoirs in Indiana.  Presenting this information in spreadsheet format will allow users to search and filter by any number of attributes to find specific information for their lake(s) of interest. For example, if an individual was interested in knowing whether or not metals were analyzed at Monroe Reservoir, they could filter by lake name to narrow down the records to just those pertaining to that reservoir. They could then easily see what was monitored there and find the contact information for the data set to find out how to obtain the data.

This project is currently underway. Once complete, the Data Optimization Committee will make this information available on the InWMC and will explore the possibility of including the information it contains into the Indiana Water Monitoring Inventory to make it usable in an interactive format.