Data Optimization Committee

The Data Optimization Committee is working to connect the dots on water monitoring in Indiana. The InWMC has taken the lead in facilitating the development of a coordinated plan for water monitoring in Indiana. This committee is working to meet this goal and to facilitate coordination and collaboration for more and better water monitoring in Indiana through initiatives including:

Enhancing coordination and collaboration among agencies and organizations conducting water monitoring in Indiana is key to the InWMC mission. The Data Optimization Committee has taken the first step toward the development of a statewide coordinated monitoring plan for Indiana with its Monitoring Network Optimization initiative. Through this initiative, the committee has developed a white paper that identifies:

  • Duplicated monitoring efforts and potential opportunities for collaboration
  • Existing programs in Indiana that are monitoring bimonthly or more frequently
  • Potential gaps in monitoring that should be filled; and
  • Provides maps and tables that people can access from the InWMC website

The Data Optimization Committee is now working on two new initiatives — Streamgage Optimization and the Indiana Lakes Inventory. Future work the committee is considering includes planning and facilitating an annual meeting of state and federal agencies, universities, and other organizations conducting water monitoring throughout Indiana in order to identify duplicated efforts and help these agencies work together to maximize sampling periods, identify potential opportunities for collaboration, enhance communication among different monitoring organizations.

If you would like to get involved in this important work through the Data Optimization Committee, please contact Jeff Frey here to learn more.