Communications Committee

The InWMC Communications Committee loves to get the word out about the InWMC to keep its members informed and to support the work of other committees and its board. This committee helps prepare resources and materials gathered or developed by the InWMC for dissemination, maintains the InWMC website, publishes the InWMC newsletter and engages with members and others through the council’s social media channels including our Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

We know that with all the information available online these days, finding what you need to support your water monitoring or research, your education and outreach efforts, or to understand a water body of interest to you can be overwhelming. So, we’re also working to make the InWMC one-stop shopping for water resources professionals, educators, and others to find the resources need more easily.

The Communications Committee is always on the lookout for new resources relevant to InWMC members and maintains a robust Library of Online Resources to make them easily accessible. The committee also manages the InWMC Member Publication Library where you can find publications on water monitoring. The Communications Committee encourages you to submit recommendations for additional resources to add to our Library of Online Resources that can help our members with their water monitoring efforts. InWMC Communications Committee also wants to help you share your water monitoring publications, to do this we welcome you to submit your publication to our InWMC Member Publication Library.

If you are interested in website development, content writing, graphic design and layout, or if you just enjoy engaging with others on social media, the Communications Committee is where you want to be. There’s never a shortage of fun and interesting things to do, and there’s always a lot to talk – and tweet – about. Contact our committee chair, Jody Arthur, here to learn more about how you can get involved.