Our Committees

The Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC) has four standing committees that – with the help of other member volunteers – do most of the important work of the council. The InWMC board may also establish temporary, ad-hoc committees to implement special activities as the need arises.

The strength of our committees is built on the diversity of our members. Participating on an InWMC committee offers many benefits, including working with people who differ in their professional background but are strongly committed to water monitoring in Indiana to support common goals.

When you participate in one of our committees, you’ll also be working with seasoned professionals who have a wealth of expertise to share as well as those just starting their careers and bringing with them fresh ideas and perspectives.

Together, our committees offer something for everyone. Click on the links below to learn more — once you see all the things we’re doing, you’re sure to find a committee that not only fits your interests but can also benefit from the skills you bring: