Protect Your Groundwater Day

September 4th was Protect Your Groundwater Day. Which spurs the thought, as a professional working with water monitoring what do you do to communicate the importance of water to business/industry, policy makers, and/or public? We talk about the importance of water quantity and quality among colleges and those in the industry but are we reaching out to the people who are making decisions that impact water quality and quantity. We have valuable knowledge and information regarding Indiana’s water resources and have the ability to have a positive impact on the future of water quality in Indiana if we apply what we know.

Image Credit: The Groundwater Association (NGWA)

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves to help further our impact in protecting water resources:

  • How can you use your water monitoring efforts to protect water quantity and quality?
  • What do you want to let people know about regarding protecting their groundwater and surface water?
  • Do you see areas for improvement in business practices, public policy, or residential habits?
  • What are some steps that you can direct stakeholders to take to protect groundwater and surface water?
  • How are you communicating the impact and importance of your water monitoring efforts with stakeholders including the public, business/industry, and/or policy makers?

If you would like to highlight some of the ways in which you are communicating the importance of water quantity and/or quality to stakeholders the Indiana Water Monitoring Council would like to share what you have to say.

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